Home Loans

Today, borrowers have more options than ever before. Star Choice offers various home loans tailored to fit your needs, and with our partnership with Marketplace Home Mortgage, we now have many more options to offer our members. We offer competitive rates, responsive personalized member service, and quick turnaround times. 

Express Mortgage1

  • Refinance your Home with Low Closing Costs
  • Maximum Repayment Term is 15 Years
  • Loan Amounts Ranging from $5,000 - $500,000
  • Fixed Rates
  • 80% Loan to Value
  • Apply Online

Home Equity Line of Credit2

  • Use the Equity in Your Home to Have Funds Available for Various Purchases 
  • Maximum Repayment Term is 30 Years 
  • Loan Amounts Ranging from $5,000 - $400,000 
  • Variable Rates 
  • 75% Loan to Value 
  • Apply Online

  1. Express Mortgage must be first mortgage
  2. Fixed rate advance options are also available