Account Alerts

Stay on top of your Star Choice Credit Union accounts with online banking alerts! Log into online banking, then under the settings tab, click alerts. Select the account activities you want to receive alerts about, then choose how you’d like to be notified—by e-mail or text message. 

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is now available for Star Choice Credit Union Debit Cards! Now you will be able to use your SCCU Debit Cards with Apple Pay, the easy, secure and private way to pay. You can use Apple Pay in stores without swiping your card, just pay with a single touch of your finger using your phone's Touch ID. Learn more about Apple Pay and how to enroll your card here.

Bill Pay

Paying bills has never been easier. With free electronic bill pay there is no need to write checks, buy stamps or travel to the post office. Bill pay offers the option to schedule one time or recurring payments with the simple click of a mouse. Funds from your Star Choice checking account will automatically and securely go to the company or person you designate.

You have the ability to pay almost any type of bill, including mortgage, utilities, credit cards and insurance (some limitations apply). There is no limit to the number of payments you can make and you are in complete control of when the payment is made. 

To sign up for bill pay, you must have access to online banking. When you are in online banking can you click on the Bill Pay tab to sign-up. Or bring in your stack of bills and we will help you set up your online Bill Pay for free.


eStatements not only provide convenience to members, but also cost and resource savings to the credit union. We can take that cost savings and return it to you in the form of better rates, lower fees and improved services. Other benefits of receiving e-statements include:

  • Quicker access to your account information 
  • Improved security due to reduced opportunities for mail fraud 
  • Fewer paper records to handle 

eStatements will typically be available on the third business day of each month and you will receive notification via e-mail when the statement is ready. You have the capability to view, print or save your electronic statement to your personal computer. Because your e-statement is accessed via online banking, which is encrypted, you can be assured the information is safe and secure. Best of all, you'll be receiving one less piece of mail in your mailbox each month! To enroll in eStatements, simply contact us and let us know you want to enroll. 

We have eStatements for credit cards, too! To enroll in eStatements for your Star Choice Credit Union credit card, log in at, our credit card portal. Under the Activity and Statements tab, select eStatement options. Toggle the eStatement button to on, and you're enrolled! 


MobiMoney is an application that puts you in control of your card. It allows you to turn your card on/off, receive instant alerts for card activity, and restrict/enable card usage based on location, type of merchant, type of transaction, and threshold amount. Learn more about MobiMoney and how to enroll here. 

Mobile Wallet

Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay are now available for Star Choice Credit Union Debit Cards and Credit Cards!

You can use any of these three services in stores without swiping your card, just pay with a single touch of your finger using your phone's Touch ID.

Mobile App

Where ever you go, we go. Banking, Anytime, Anywhere. 

Access your account on the go - all you have to do is pull your mobile device out of your purse or pocket! Our Mobile App--Choice Mobile with Choice Deposit-- allows you to perform everyday banking functions using your mobile phone. You can access your account balances, transfer funds, make loan payments, and even deposit checks by simply taking a picture.

Just visit the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to download Choice Mobile. 

Frequently Asked Questions for our Mobile App

  1. How do I get the Star Choice Mobile App?

    You can download our Mobile App on any Smart Phone--simply visit the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and search for 'Star Choice Credit Union'.

  2. How do I log in?

    Simply open the app and use the same username and password you use for online banking.

  3. Where can I find my Share ID?

    Your Share ID is the number associated with each of your individual member shares. You can find your Share ID for any account by logging into the desktop version of online banking, clicking on accounts, and look for the corresponding Share ID in the far left column.

If you are having trouble, we would be happy to walk you through it! Please call 952.698.7228